About halo:Zero

halo:Zero has been contemplating writing a blog for a while now, but recent changes in his life have prompted him to catalyse the decision to start MyIvoryThrone. He is married to his wonderful wife of 2 years, and is only just beginning to start planning his Chinese customaries in one month’s time. The fact that they are also expecting a baby during the Christmas season may or may not have something to do with it.

The name halo:Zero is inspired by one of the writer’s all-time favourite rock acts, as well as cheesy 90’s hacker movies and the “handles” they give their main characters. More importantly, the name symbolises a willingness to be as good a person as the writer strives to be, yet still unable to attain that level of perfection on account of him being an existentially flawed human being.

halo:Zero himself has worked as a furniture mover, waiter, bartender, stagehand, construction worker, enlistee soldier, court transcriber, legal executive, web designer, graphic artist, marketing executive, and business development manager. He was also thrown into Thailand for about a year to set up a business in Bangkok, and was abused in the Maldives for a very short period of time (blue waters and swaying palm trees now hold a very different, very dark meaning for me).

halo:Zero likes anything that has any semblance of humour in it, and after 30 years of wondering what the hell he is supposed to do with himself, aspires (finally he aspires to do something) to one day learnt he ability to execute dry wit properly become a humour writer himself, dreaming of one day joining the ranks of Stephen Fry, Robert Rankin, and the late and great Douglas Adams.


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