Moving House

30 07 2009

Boys and girls (and the occasional alternative-living type),\

I’m moving out of the toilet into a studio. I’ve been working on a new website for a while, and I’ve set up a blog there which has all the old postings from My Ivory Throne. If you’ve bookmarked me, please do let me know where you are so I can kiss you, then change your bookmark to

The main site’s not completely ready yet; I’m experimenting with some new stuff I’ve never done before, but I thought now’s a good a time as any for a revamp in identity. Hopefully this will work out, but if I post up this message on my other blog saying to come back here, you’ll know I probably can’t keep up with the bills.

My old nick of 8 years might also go. haloZero has seen its heyday in the local tech arena early this decade (I was famous once you know, though only a little bit), but it’s growing old. Lucky for me I don’t need a deed poll to change my Net identity, but there’s a lot of admin work I still got to do.

I’ll keep you people posted back at the new site.




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